How to Afford Veterinary Care Without Mortgaging the Kids

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Dr. James L. Busby D.V.M.

An Excerpt From Chapter 1 of Dr. Busby's book:

Annual or Repeating Vacinations Every Two Years

"For many, many years it was routine for veterinarians to recommend yearly vaccinations for distemper, parvo virus, and rabies in dogs and distemper and rabies in cats and absolutely insist your animal was in dire jeopardy if this advice was not followed. This practice apparently originated because the vaccine manufacturer said it was necessary. No one questioned it. Who knows more about the vaccination duration that the company who makes it? You can trust them. Right? NOT Necessarily!!!

Consider how often you family physician recommends vaccinations for your children. They receive one inoculation during childhood and that lasts them basically for life. Why do you suppose four legged animals are any different? They apparently aren't. Id doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a vaccine manufacturer isn't going to go to great lengths to offer research saying its vaccine needs to be given only once or twice during the life of a pet when sales can be made yearly. Remember veterinarians reap the same monetary benefit with repeat inoculations, so most of them are not going to rock the boat either.

Fortunately there are a few ethical people out there. If you want to research the best websites I've discovered that give an honest appraisal, look at & Here you will find where Dr. Schultz found that both canine distemper and parvo virus (DHP/PV) vaccines gave duration of immunity of at least seven years. Dr. Scott found that the common three way feline distemper vaccine (PCT) lasted at least 7 ½ years. Dr. Schultz also showed that repeat vaccinations on adult animals given after one, two, and three years offered no added benefit except to the clinic's bottom line. They basically said that the vaccinations were good for life if they were given after about 6 months of age."

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How to Afford Veterinary Care Without Mortgaging the Kids

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