Our Parrots



"Some say they don't believe

that Angels can be seen or heard.

What a shame such blindness,

what a pity such deafness,

when the Song of Songs abounds,

and heaven's flyers are all around,

only thinly disguised, as birds"

(author unkonwn)


"Green Boy"


They are so amazing that most people we tell of their exploits and talents do not believe us. The things they say just astound us at times.

Layla, a Congo African Grey female, can pick the correct colored bead from a handfull, and knows more than 12 colors. She can count to 5. And she has learned the meaning of English words to use them to manipulate her enviornment. Listen as she comments on my music:


Skipper, a Lilac-crowned Amazon, can order his dinner, telling us what his favorites are, although if you ask him his favorite food it is always piñon. He is a real comedian, and just a sweet as an Amazon can be.


Henry and Rosie were 'rescue' birds, and we have finally found them a great home.

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Alex, the African Grey Parrot of Irene Pepperberg's, who was the star of a study on parrot intelligence. He was an amazing bird, and dispelled the notion of a "bird-brain" I believe everything he was capable of, because Layla demonstrates the same intelligence. Incredible creatures!