July 15, 1992 - December 14, 2004

An incredibly beautiful Standard Poodle, she lived to be 11.

Life didn't start out so good for Camille. She was a 'puppy mill' puppy, although we did not know that at the time we purchased her. She was very timid, afraid of people, and came complete with worms and an ear infection. With much patience and love, she recovered to be a really sweet girl, although never as confident as the other poodles we have had.

She was our "boo-boo" girl. It seemed like she was always getting injured because she was so gung-ho. She loved her big 'brother' Monet so much, and followed him everywhere. They were constant companions. She greived so much when Monet died, and became very depressed. Who says dogs don't have feelings?

 She was nearly killed by an adverse reaction to a rabies vaccination, which caused her great pain and paralysis for a time. She recovered although never as agile, only to be bitten by a rattlesnake. She lived a couple of more years, but the snakebite eventually caused such major loss of muscle in her jaw and throat that she could no longer eat.

Wasn't she Beautiful?


11 Years


Big Brother Monet Loves Me!

Monet's new Best Friend

Comfy Camille

Baby Camille at the lake

Loved to swim!