Mychal Angelo

June 6, 2001 - November 14, 2006

Katy and Mychal Angelo



Mychal Angelo Memorial

Mychal was only with us for 5 years. We lost him to epilepsy induced by rabies vaccination and line-breeding.

Mychal was so intelligent, so protective and yet gentle. Intimidating but absolutely beautiful, he was nearly perfect. Aside from the genetic anomoly leading to the rabies vaccination-induced epilepsy, he was perfect. Breeding for AKC conformation may win shows, but it renders these beautiful creatures helpless against the genetic flaws induced from the line-breeding that is done to produce these desired outward characteristics.

Our hearts will be forever scared by the loss of his unconditional love.


"My whole world has changed, since your spirit left this earth"

"Seems like the odds were against you from before your birth"

"Done in by sinful man, his greed and arrogance"

"So near to perfection, but you never had a chance"

"You will always be with me, I think of you every day"

"you are gone, but my pain will never go"

"Mychal Angelo"


Baby Mychal Angelo

Angel Mychal


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