FFT Zeke

Born November 4, 2006

Click Zeke's parents Champion names to see his amazing pedigree!

Zeke's father is "Roadie"


Zeke's mother is "Hattie"

  Champion FFT One for the Road

FFT Zeke

Champion FFT Dance of the Black Hats

Zeke is our sweet baby, descending from an incredible line carefully and selectively bred champion Lhasa Apsos,

 by reknown Register of Merit Lhasa Apso Breeder

Debbie Rothman, of FleetFireTimbers Kennels .


Zeke had some really big shoes to fill, as Mychal Angelo was a tough act for any critter to follow. But he has filled those shoes admirably, and helped to heal us. The love and devotion that such a creature gives to us humans is beyond understanding. It is spritual and special. It is another gift of grace from our Creator.

Zeke 11 Weeks Leaving Colorado


Home at 11 weeks

Zeke meets Layla

Apsos love Snow


Baby Snow Dog

Watch Dog


Favorite Toy

I want to play with the ducks!

I like the water

Folding socks: "You can have one"

"But I want them all"

Thank You!




Afternoon nap